Developing the learning and skills of offenders could make our society safer, more skilled and more sustainable. Indeed, improving offender learning and skills is critical to reducing re-offending.  Working with key players within the criminal justice system and beyond, the RSA Prison Learning Network (PLN) will help shape practice, policy and public debate, while encouraging wider community engagement in the prison system.

Through this blog we want to extent the conversation and hope that you will join the debate, comment on our work or share your views.


Rebecca and Tez are members of the PLN team and are the main contributors to this blog. The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily represent those of the project or the RSA.


Rebecca is the PLN Project Co-ordinator.  She has worked for the RSA for over two years and has been involved in the project since its inception.  Outside of the RSA she is working with a Senior Prison Officer to set up a mentor scheme at HMP Highdown.


Tez is the PLN intern.  She is a serving prisoner and offers a unique perspective to the project’s work.



One Response to “About the Prison Learning Network”

  1. Dave Briggs Says:

    This is an extremely worthwhile project and it is great that you are using blogging to document it!

    I was reading an article in the Independent a couple of weeks ago(can’t find it online) about the issues of prisoner learning and access to the internet. Blocking of web access mean that prisoners cannot access online learning materials, which is a vital means of delivering learning through routes like the OU.

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