Mentor training days 2 & 3: The mentor relationship

February 25, 2009

You can never be fully prepared for working with offenders in the community.  (I’m talking in terms of the ‘cohort’, about the group that we can generalise about, that we make assumptions about and often base interventions on.) But I have to say that this training has gone a long way to make sure that I have the tools at hand to cope with whatever might arise.

Establishing and reinforcing the boundaries of the mentor relationship sometimes goes against every natural instinct you might have about interacting with people who need help, but they are essential in ensuring that the mentee achieves the success they strive for. The mentor enables the mentee to take responsibility and make changes to their own lives. Mentors do not help, they support. This is a professional relationship, it is not a friendship. There are goals and objectives. There are time limits. There will be an end.


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